Garden Services

TEZ Projects also do Garden Services  and we strive for excellence and our garden maintenance program is proof that we go above and beyond to make sure your garden is healthy and looks the best.We offer favorable terms and conditions and time of garden maintenance to individual residents , complexes , schools, etc

Contact us today and we maintain your garden 


We cater for all our customers from larger sites right down to small gardens, and we know what works. With a couple of years  of experience in the Gauteng, we know what grows where and when and we also know how to save you money.


We cater for your garden from soil cultivation and preparation all the way through to maintaining your beautiful new garden. We specialize in hardy, evergreen plants, reducing the cost of seasonal planting and aiding in an all year round full garden. 

Compost and Topsoil Supply

We supply compost and lawn and apply throughout Gauteng. From one cubic metre loads right through to multiple cubic metres for larger gardens 


Add a new dimension to your garden and increase value to your property. With our curbing you can prevent your flowerbeds from getting bigger (yes this is a common problem), soil corrosion and finish your beds off with a beautiful border. Installed by a contractor with over 5 years experience, we have many different colours and patterns to choose from.

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